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Information Kiosk at Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC)

In today’s world, customers are more sophisticated and tech savvy than ever before.

Tourism cannot just earn foreign exchange from visitors from abroad but also educate India’s own people about the richness and diversity of its cultural heritage, creating the sensibility of tolerance and accommodation a prosperous India calls for. It would make sense to deploy advances in imaging technology, ranging from holography to virtual/augmented reality at or near sites that are difficult to reach or too fragile to be exposed to the prying eyes and phone cameras of visiting hordes. The breathtaking rock-cut temples at Ajanta and Ellora, world heritage sites in Aurangabad district, Maharashtra, are a ready candidate for such embellishment.

Problem Description:

    Lack of immediate retrievals:
  • The information is very difficult to retrieve and also to find particular information like accommodation details near historic site and its availability. This results in inconvenience and wastage of time.
  • Immediate information:
  • Tourist / citizens does not get timely information on adventure and tour packages, tourist spot across state which results in lack of interest from citizens.
  • Lack of prompt update of records:
  • Delay in updation of current records like hotel booking details, hotel room’s availability. This leads to incorrect information and results in loss of revenue.
  • Digital information:
  • A constantly growing percentage of customers prefer anytime digital information which gives accurate information.


The Maharashtra tourism development corporation launched touch screen information kiosk for tourist at around 150 locations. These will be mainly set up at government offices, historical sites railway stations and airports. The basic purpose to access information kiosk is to assist tourist access

  • Quick.

  • Accurate.

  • Reliable tour information Kiosk provides handy information to tourists 24/7 which includes links to MTDC website.

  • First-hand information on accommodations, adventures and tour packages.

  • Available at tourist spot across the state.

  • Provides information of distance of a particular site from visitors current location.

  • Accommodation facilities at various MTDC resorts.

  • Tariffs and instructions on how to reach a particular tourist spot through routes.

  • Maps, Photographs and videos.

  • Resort and hotel locations and availability.

  • Online payments.


Some of the key benefits after successful implementation of Information kiosk at MTDC are :

  • Improve customer experience.

  • Generation and increase of foreign exchange.

  • Increase customer base.

  • Stimulation of trade and income.

  • Increased regional development – particularly in isolated areas Greater tax revenues permitting greater government spending – or reduced taxes on other activities.

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