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High Court of Karnataka

With the growth of Information and Communication technology in India, it was just a matter of time how fast the eCourts works will grow in Judiciary System in India. But with the Judges and court staffs being serious and more concerned in today’s working environments, nothing seems to be impossible and the goal of the eCourts project could be attained soon.
Need was felt to make the programme of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) enablement of the Indian Judiciary mission-critical. Under National eGovernance Policy (NeGP) as a Mission Mode Project (MMP), it is proposed to implement information kiosk at various courts


  • The objective for information kiosk at the premises of high court is to provide Advocates and Litigate public with up to date information as in case of the query counters. Judicial deposits and all other information that is available over the Website.
  • To help judicial administrations of the courts in streamlining their day-to-day activities
  • To assist judicial administration in providing information of the pendency of cases
  • To provide transparency of information to the litigants
  • To provide access to list of advocates and their availability.
  • Appointment of advocates and payment details

The project aims to build a National grid of key judicial information available all round the clock in a reliable and secure manner.
Deployment and installation of various Hardware items including Touch screen Kiosk information systems, implementation of software which helps to provide quick, current information.
Self Service Interactive kiosk to assist advocates and litigant public, where in they can access and know their case status on fingertip. It provides an option to visit all courts website through e-court website.
The user interface is kept simple and the components in the User Interface are made Touch Screen friendly. The application can be used with the touch of the screen as the only input mechanism and there is no need for mouse and keyboard for normal operation by the end user.

Touch Screen information kiosk which provides the following information to the advocates and the litigant public:

  • Status of the cases for a given case number1. Status of the cases for a given case number.
  • Status of the Certified Copies for the given CR Number or Case Number.
  • Caveat details for the given Caveat Number or the Case Number.
  • Application filing details for a given case number.
  • Party details for given Case Number.
  • Cheque deposited details for the given Case Number Cause List by Court hall numbers.


The Primary benefit of implementing kiosk is self-explanatory. eCourts primarily aims at paperless working environment which makes it possible for safe record keeping for infinite number of years as well as searching and maintaining accurately and efficiently saving both time and labour.
This exercise is to help enhance the judicial productivity both qualitatively and quantitatively as also make the Justice delivery system accessible, transparent, cost effective and accountable.

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