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Managing corporate office Cafeteria crowd

In any large corporate there is a cafeteria which gets crowded, overcrowded during breakfast, lunch timings. The recess time becomes chaos and managing all employees queue as well as menu & ordering fails in delivering quality, accurate and timely service.Resulting in waste of time, unorganised cafeteria and wastage of food.
Infinitas has handled this situation very well by delivering self-ordering system to the corporates. Self-service system has an application, self-ordering kiosks, payment solutions and in-built intelligence. On delivery of this solution correct employee is identified, his rank/designation is identified, his entitled menu is displayed, ordering from self-ordering kiosk makes operation very smooth, if required payments are made ( in caseguest of extra ordering) through NFC, EMV chip or Facial recognition. The ordered food goes to KOT. Queue management takes care of tokens and till their turn comes employees can take a seat and relax rather than crowding at the counter.


To make the cafeteria of any corporate well managed, disciplined, organised, control wastages, control manual errors.

We delivered:

Application software –front end & bank end integrated with payment systems and HRMS, Self-ordering kiosks, POS delivered to the cafeterias and achieved the objective.

Operations covered:

  • Identification of employees

  • Entitled food menu as per management grades

  • Payments options

  • Ordering to KOT

  • Queue management

  • Reporting

  • EOD Reconciliation

How was it organised and who was involved?

Our own software solution or existing applications were used to integrate with kiosk machines, Our front end is installed on kiosks and integrates with back end application. System has to be integrated with HRMS to identify and authorise transaction related to employees.

What resources did you need?

There are no human resources involved in this operation till order goes to counter. KOT gets order, Counter in charge makes the order ready to deliver and token number is displayed to collect from counter. Only one person at counter is enough.

Has it been evaluated? How successful has it been?

It has saved big amount of time of every employee, Reduced wrong orders deliveries, minimised human errors, increased speed and accuracy.

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