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Self-service Ticket Printing Kiosk

Ticketing kiosks have become commonplace in the travel industry, providing a quick and easy way for people to purchase fares for bus lines, trains or air travel, as well as tagging their own baggage. But ticketing kiosks aren’t just limited to the travel industry, so today, we will be discussing their uses in other environments to provide shorter wait times, increased ticket sales and most importantly, a better customer experience for end users.

SELF-SERVICE KIOSKS are an essential part of many businesses as they can be quite cost-efficient. Automation allows for better allocation of human resources, such as customer service agents. This frees up staff to handle more complex or time-sensitive tasks. Second, with kiosks functioning as another form of brand marketing, automated kiosks present a great opportunity for businesses to market themselves in a much more visible, interactive way than traditional advertisements.

If you are running a cinema, theatre or a coach company you will be acutely aware that time and human resources are of the utmost importance for any business dealing with hundreds of ticket sales transactions. So do you want to use your staff’s valuable time on manual ticket sales and printing? With Kiosk Innova’s ticketing solutions you need fewer members of staff involved in these activities, enabling you to redirect valuable resources to other areas of your business.

Features & Benefits

Self Service: Ticketing kiosks allow customers to serve themselves, creating less employee overhead and an overall more efficient experience for the majority of users.

Shorter Ticket Lines: Automated ticket means less time spent in line for customers, which expedites the purchase experience.

Reduced Labor Costs: With many services handled through automation, staff is freed up for more complex tasks. Many companies are also able to reduce the total number of staff on hand, as the ticketing kiosks can handle many of the less complicated tasks.

Cost-Effective: In addition to reducing labor costs and overhead, kiosks are known to attract more business and increase incremental sales, which can increase revenue.

Attractive and easy to recognize: Since ticketing kiosks are becoming more commonplace, they are easy to spot, and help increase brand awareness.


Easy to use Multi Language support

No need to stand in long queues

Reduce the cost per transaction

Add value to your business

Accept all forms of payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Enable more distribution points

Cost effective

Our Self-service Ticket Printing Kiosk Machine


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