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The Self Service kiosk can support a wide variety of uses cases optimized for today’s telecom operators / utility companies.   Transactions could include:  bill payments (electronic or cash), SIM card issue / replacement, Cash Dispensing, account establishment/ KYC, and customer service type transactions etc.

Self-Service Payment Kiosks. Give all customers a fast and secure way to pay government and utility bills using cash, check, and card — with up to 24/7 service for walk-in and drive-through bill pay.

Handling walk-in bill payments is a vital customer service function for utility service providers. However, traditional cashiering methods are time consuming and take away resources from customer services and revenue generating activities. Rapidly increasing personnel and back office costs are an ever-growing concern, and since a quarter of households worldwide do not have sufficient access to bank accounts, many customers can be forced to wait in long queues simply to pay their everyday bills.

Features & Benefits

Touch Screen Interface

QR Bill Scanning

Integrated Receipt Printer

Cash Acceptance and Dispensing

SIM Card Dispense

NFC Card Payments

3rd Party Payment Terminal Mount

KYC through Biometrics, Passport and Document Scanning

Secure Cash Box for cash devices with Electronic lock


Easy to use, Multi - Language support

No need to stand in long queues

Self-service kiosks allow all sectors to reduce their staffing costs, leading directly to savings in total overheads.

Members of the public can pay their bills easily by using their customer card or simply entering their bill number.

Cost effective

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