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The sleek design delivers a consistently and reliable experience, yet it’s flexible enough to adapt changing business needs and consumer demands. Using multi-touch technology, the larger screens are ideal for self-service ordering as well as an attractive advertising space or as a touch point for consumer interactions.

Now your customers can breeze through your restaurant line faster, feeling more satisfied and spending more than usual. Meanwhile, you’re saving on labor costs and improving same-store revenue right along with your customer experience. Sound amazing? That’s the power of NCR Self-Ordering Kiosks for restaurants.

Self-Ordering Kiosk helps upsell every order at the POS by guiding guests to order and upgrade items, generating more revenue for you in the process. With an automated Kiosk point of sale, your guests can order at their own pace and build their meals the way they want without needing to ask for help.

Features & Benefits

Built for 24/7 operation, making it the perfect kiosk for businesses that require customized solutions Installation as a freestanding stand-alone kiosk, in a back to back format or as wall-mounted solution

Flexible, modular design that reinforces the visual brand identity with a variety of color-customization options

Easy integration with existing core application or Infinitas can provide end to end solution

Services enable efficient deployment of solutions and the highest possible system availability

Token system and Queue management

Speed up and improve convenience for customers by adding a contactless payment options on Kiosk Powered by ToneTag.

Adaptable and Customizable

Infinitas kiosk offers flexible configuration options, making it the perfect kiosk for businesses that demand customized solutions.Built for 24/7 operation

Choose 21.5″ or 32″ multi touchscreen.

Install it as a stand-alone kiosk or in a back-to-back format.

Mount it on Kiosk Stand or on a wall.

Design the interaction area with only the components your consumers need.

Various Payment options available like

Debit Card

Credit Card


Finger Print scanner

Coupons and Cash

We’ll identify your needs and enhance your business growth.


INFINITAS is an IT solution provider with exclusive and advance partnership of NCR in India for Financial Technology and Retail Technology Solutions.

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