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An Multifunction kiosk is a self- service banking terminal. Unlike an ATM, which is primarily used for cash transactions like withdrawals, deposits, etc. a kiosk is used for Account Opening, On spot Debit card issuance, Acceptance of Loan application and credit card application.

The objective of all types of remote banking is to provide rich and convenient facility to customers and save the service cost of the bank. The self-service culture is fast catching on in the banking space.

With banks introducing newer services on ATMs like bill payments and mobile top-ups, it is not surprising to see serpentine queues outside ATMs. This has forced banks to devise methods of shifting non-cash transactions out of ATMs into self-service kiosks, installed beside the ATM machines.

The latest buzzword is that banks are contemplating introduction of kiosks alongside ATMs that are tamper-proof and spill-proof, or are enabled to perform activities like account opening, debit card issuance, acceptance of applications of credit card and loan.

Features & Benefits

Customer can get full benefit of service

24/7 Availability

On the spot account opening with receipt having account number and debit card issuance

Added services like application for loan and credit card

Reduces Banks operational or service cost

A unique feature of Infinitas multifunction kiosk is that it provides all the required hardware which helps customers to open a bank account and saves time.

Customers can walk in to open an account within few minutes once the required online form is filled and documents are scanned.

Signature, Photographs and Biometric details of the customer can be taken as the kiosk provides facilities.

After successful opening of account customer can get 3 cheques and Debit card on the spot.

Application for loan and credit card can also be done.

Our Multi-function Kiosk Machines

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Rajasthan Bank

Pune Credit

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