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INFINITAS is an IT solution provider with premiere partnership of NCR in India. NCR the global tech leader in consumer transaction technologies with quality hardware & software and the company who makes 550 million transactions possible every day. With NCR, We’re helping our customers respond to the demand for fast, easy and convenient transactions with intuitive self-service and assisted-service options.

Our Kiosk talks of same quality and reliability of NCR as we use NCR Products in our Kiosk. But what we do goes beyond niche technologies or markets. Our solutions help businesses around the world increase revenue, build loyalty, reach new customers and lower their costs of operations.

Our objective is to make all local client base well equipped with latest technologies in ATMs, POS , Kiosk and allied software as well as devices. The client base consists of small medium and co-operative banks running on wide connectivity. Working with international products proven for their robustness and stability.

Features & Benefits

A simple user interface that can be used without training or documentation

Very Robust and premium NCR 15" Touch Screen Embedded System

High quality NCR 3" Thermal receipt printer

Most reliable MEI unit with Inbuilt UV scanner to detect and throw out fake note or suspected notes

Rejects every type of unfit notes

High capacity cash box

Increase productivity and ROI by accepting upto 30 notes at once

Quickly counts, validates, denominates deposited currency

Displays deposit details on screen for customer verification

Real time entries of cash deposit

Cost effective


User friendly, Multi language support.

No need to fill cash deposit slips.

No need to stand in long queues

No need to sort and arrange cash denomination wise.

Instant receipt

Instant show transaction in account

Self service gives high satisfaction to account holders

Cost effective

Technical Specification

NCR All in One Embedded System Monitor

Monitor:15" Projected Capacitive touch screen

Processor:Intel Core i5 2.7 GHZ

Memory:4GB RAM

Hard Disk:500 HDD

Connectivity:Twelve USB ports - Three 12v USB 2.0 - One 24v USB 2.0 - Two PC USB 3.0 - Six reserved USB ports for integrated devices • One RJ50 powered serial port with optional serial expansion • Cash drawer port (12 or 24 volt with dual drawer support) • 10/100/1000MB (Gigabit) Ethernet LAN • and display port video

Power Management :150W power supply (external)

Dimensions:(WxDxH) 525mmx525mmx1551mm

Environmental:Temp 50F to 104F (10C to 40C)

Humidity :20% to 80%

Weight :85Kg (Approx.)

Note acceptor :MEI Cash Deposit Unit Bulk Note Acceptor

Printer:NCR 3" Thermal Printer

Operating system:Windows 7 (Optional)

Our Cash Deposit Kiosk Machine

Kalwan Bank

Abhinav Bank

We’ll identify your needs and enhance your business growth.


INFINITAS is an IT solution provider with exclusive and advance partnership of NCR in India for Financial Technology and Retail Technology Solutions.

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